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Strap On Couple: Trinity X Fucks John X In The Ass

Hardcore strap on sex video featuring John X And Trinity X.  A great choice for women couples and men.  Click to enlarge image.

Secretly, many women fantasize about doing their men with a strap on. Many men also fantasize about having their women do them with a strap on. Beefy bear stud John X and hot MILF Trinity X decided to realize this fantasy together and record it for all to see. It's likely that there has never been a video made where the performers had SO MUCH FUN fulfilling a fantasy! The uninhibited John X takes the big strap on deep in his ass and sucks the strap on right out of his ass (ATM) over and over again. You can expect to see lots of fun and playful hardcore sexual experimentation with the passion, affection and sensuality you have come to expect from John X. This is a great choice for couples, women, and straight, bisexual, and gay men. You REALLY have to see this video!

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