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Wet And Messy Food Sex Fun: Anal Picnic With John X And Brina James

Hardcore food sex video featuring John X And Brina James.  A great choice for women couples and men.  Click to enlarge image.
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Scene Description

Running Time: 89 Minutes

We set out to create a really nasty hardcore food sex video and we succeeded, however we got much more than we expected. With passionate, expressive, and uninhibited performers like beefy bear stud John X and Brina James involved, great things can happen. This video is nasty enough to blow your mind, playful enough to lift your spirit, passionate enough to make you sweat, and sweet enough to warm your heart. Sex prodigy Brina James gets all her holes filled with food and cock and she and John X eat food right out of her holes! Expect to see plenty of cunnilingus, anilingus, fellatio, vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, PTM (Pussy To Mouth), ATM (Ass To Mouth) as well as passionate kissing, affectionate touching, warm embraces, playfulness, and hot lustful sexual experimentation. This video is a great choice for couples, women, and men.

John X and Brina James begin with sweet kisses as they sit down together on their picnic blanket in the kitchen. John X can't wait to go down on Brina James' sweet pussy and touch her tight athletic body. Then out comes the food! John X place pineapple rings on Brina James' pert nipples on her perfect natural breasts and over her navel. He then sprays some whipped cream on her nipples, navel, and pussy and puts a cherry in the middle of each of his pineapple rings. John X then eats it all off and shares with Brina.

John X picks a carrot from their picnic basket and slides it into Brina James' tight pussy. He slides it in and out and licks her clit. John X and Brina James suck her sweet pussy juice off of the carrot and slide it back in. John X then pulls the carrot out of Brina's pussy again and they both eat the carrot!

After warming Brina James' tight butthole up with a lubed finger, John X selects another carrot from the picnic basket and slowly slides it in Brina's ass. John X sucks on Brina James' toes as he wiggles and slides the carrot in her ass.

John X selects a piece of celery from the picnic basket and dips it in yogurt and spreads the yogurt on Brina James' hot pussy. He continues to bang her hot ass with the carrot as he teases her pussy with the celery. John X then has Brina suck the celery stick and he licks the yogurt off of her pussy. John X then bangs her sweet pussy with his finger as he licks her clit. Brina James moans in pleasure! John X then removes the carrot from Brina's ass and has her suck it. Then John X and Brina James each eat the carrot that was just in her butthole! They then kiss passionately.

John X then puts pudding on his beautiful curved cock and Brina James starts to suck it off. Pudding begins to drip off her chin, but John X spoons some more pudding on her chin and she sucks his cock some more. Then John X licks the pudding off of Brina's face and body. Brina sucks the stud's cock some more and then they get in the 69 position and devour each other.

Brina James mounts John X cowgirl style after lubing his cock up with yogurt. She rides his cock hard as yogurt oozes out of her pussy and on John's balls! Brina James then mounts reverse cowgirl style and wiggles her hot little body onto John's hard cock. Brina slowly grinds his cock as he massages her back and fondles her perfect breasts. (They probably would have done this the rest of the day, but Brina had a flight to catch.) Brina puts more yogurt on her ass and pussy and they fuck some more as we watch the yogurt ooze into her asshole and onto John's cock.

John X and Brina James immediately get into the 69 position and Brina sucks John's cock right out of her pussy. John X licks the yogurt off of Brina's pussy and ass. the lovers then passionately kiss and embrace each other.

Brina gets on her back and puts her ass up in the air so John X can fill her pussy with yogurt with a turkey baster! John X then gets under her and she squeezes the yogurt out of her pussy into John's mouth (douche felching) and all over his face! Brina then sits on his face as he licks the yogurt off of her pussy and plays with her breasts. John X and Brina James 69 some more and kiss and embrace passionately.

Brina James gets on her hands and knees so John X can fill her ass with pudding with a turkey baster! John X then gets under her and has her push the pudding out of her ass. When she does this some yogurt oozes out of her pussy too and drips onto John's face! John cleans it all up with his tongue. John X then fills her ass with even more pudding and gets under her again! She pushes more pudding out of her ass and John X eats it all (enema felching). John X then goes down on Brina's pussy as she sits on his face. Brina then turns around and sucks his hard cock some more.

Brina James then slides John's hard cock into her tight asshole as she mounts him cowgirl style. Brina slides her hot ass up and down on John's cock and we get a great view of his cock going deep in her ass. Brina and John X are both moaning loudly as Brina bounces and grinds on John's cock. Brina then turns around to ride John's cock from the reverse cowgirl position. Brina bounces and grinds on John's cock until they both moan in ecstasy! Then Brina dismounts and sucks John's cock right out of her ass! John X and Brina James then embrace passionately.

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