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Passionate Pregnant Sex: 6 Months Along With Tiffini And Tommy

Hardcore pregnant sex video featuring Tiffini and Tommy.  A great choice for women couples and men.  Click to enlarge image.
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Scene Description

Running Time: 53 Minutes

This very passionate hardcore pregnant sex video features a real couple in their six month of pregnancy. Pregnant women are beautiful and sexy and no one proves that better than Tiffini Titan. Tiffini Titan is a sexy MILF with great curves and has plenty of passionate energy in her six month of pregnancy. Tommy Titan is Tiffini's athletic stud that really does whatever it takes to make her cum. You can expect lots of passionate kissing, expert cunnilingus and fellatio, energetic intercourse and many erotic positions. They top all of this off with a gushing cream pie! This video proves that you can have great sex during pregnancy. This video is a great choice for women, couples, and men.

Tiffini and Tommy start to kiss and grope each other on the couch. The passion grows and some clothes start to come off of each of them. Tommy starts to go down on his beautiful pregnant woman and she moans in pleasure. The lovers embrace and kiss passionately and Tommy sucks on Tiffini's erect nipples and her beautiful natural breasts.

Tiffini bends down and takes Tommy's hard cock in her hungry mouth. She works his hard cock with her fingers, lips and tongue with lustful expertise. She sweetly looks into his eyes as she pleasures her stud to enjoy his expressions of pleasure.

Tommy then sits on the couch and Tiffini climbs up and mounts him cowgirl style and goes for a hot ride on her lovers hard cock. Tommy then moves Tiffini around so he can give his woman high energy missionary thrusts.

Tommy then fingers his woman's wet pussy and follows it up with some hot licks. Tiffini then mounts her stud reverse cowgirl style and goes for a brief ride on Tommy's hard cock. She then gets up to go for a ride on his wet tongue. Tiffini gets on her hands and knees so her man can fuck her from behind.

Tiffini is hungry for some cock and goes down on her man's rod. She loves it as much as he does. Tiffini lays on the couch and spreads her legs wide so Tommy can give her some tongue action. Tommy expertly licks her clit and fingers his woman until she is soaked.

Tommy then fucks Tiffini hard and deep and has her turn around to do it doggie style. Tiffini moans loudly and swings her head as the waves of pleasure impact her.

Tommy fingers his woman's dripping pussy and fucks her some more from behind. Tiffini then mounts her hot stud reverse cowgirl style and goes for a ride. We can really see Tiffini's beautiful pregnant belly and her full breasts as she fills her pussy with cock and pumps it hard. Tiffini bends over and spreads her cheeks so Tommy can tease her tight asshole with his hard cock. He carefully slides the head of his cock in Tiffini's asshole.

The lovers then get down on the floor and fuck some more. Tiffini lays on the couch again and spreads her legs wide so Tommy can finger her soaking wet pussy and then fuck her some more. Tommy fucks Tiffini with great passion and energy. Tiffini moans in ecstasy and Tommy blows a huge load of cum in Tiffini's pussy for a great pregnant creampie! As Tommy pulls out, you can see his hot cum drip out of his woman's hot pussy!

The lovers kiss and touch each other affectionately while Tommy's semen still drips out of Tiffini's pussy. Tommy gets a towel for Tiffini to clean up the cream pie and the two of them sit down on the couch and kiss and cuddle.

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