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Curious College Couple: Love Seat Lust

Hardcore sex video featuring June Meadows and Lee Lovi.  A great choice for women couples and men.  Click to enlarge image.
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Scene Description

Running Time: 53 Minutes

This video features a real college couple in their first sex scene. June Meadows is an absolutely beautiful, athletic all-American dream girl with the most enticing small breasts that are perfectly proportioned with her firm, tight and lean athletic body. She is a hot young woman with a healthy appetite for passionate uninhibited sex. Lee Lovi is a tattooed extreme sport athlete with an affectionate and passionate side combined with an uninhibited lustful nature and great willingness to pleasure his woman. You can expect to see plenty of passionate kissing, extensive cunnilingus, skilled fellatio, energetic intercourse, and anal and vaginal toy play. This video is a great choice for couples, women, and men.

The adorable June Meadows enters the room and walks over to her lover while only wearing sexy black lingerie. She climbs on top of him and the two begin to kiss and grope each other passionately. The lovers begin to undress each other, kiss some more and then Lee Lovi lays the fully nude June Meadows on the love seat and goes down on her sweet pussy.

They then begin to kiss passionately and June Meadows begins to stroke and play with her man's hard cock. She gives him head briefly to make him rock hard and she then mounts him cowgirl style and goes for a hot sexy ride. Lee Lovi then moves his hot woman on her back and begins to fuck her in the missionary position. June moans and pants to her man's deep and energetic strokes. June grabs Lee's butt to drive his hard cock deep inside her.

Lee Lovi then slides down to give his beautiful woman some oral pleasure. June Meadows sweet moans fill the air as her works her sweet pussy with his mouth and fingers. She rubs her lovers head as we see June Meadows' perfect little athletic body respond to Lee Lovi's oral pleasuring.

June Meadows then gives Lee beautifully skilled fellatio with her luscious lips and she gently fondles his balls with her soft hands. She gets her man good and hard again and mounts him reverse cowgirl style and goes for a hot cock ride. June Meadows looks incredibly beautiful as she bounces on Lee's cock. She moans, and tosses her had back in the intense erotic pleasure that she is experiencing.

The lovers get in the missionary position and we can see Lee's hard cock going deep inside June's beautiful wet pussy close up. June's sweet moans fill the air again as the waves of pleasure begin to overcome her. She grabs Lee's buns and pulls him into her even deeper.

Lee Lovi then brings out some sex toys to pleasure his beautiful woman. He bangs her pussy with a thin vibrator while licking her clit as June moans loudly and her body writhes in intense pleasure.

Lee then slides the thin vibrator gently into June's tight ass. He licks and plays with her clit as he gently works the thin vibe in her ass. Her moans of pleasure become more intense as Lee bangs her sweet wet pussy with his fingers and licks her clit while working the vibe in her ass. Her beautiful body writhes when the intense waves of pleasure take her over.

June Meadows then mounts her man cowgirl style to go for another passionate ride. The lovers moan loudly and breathe hard as the erotic ecstasy engulfs them and then calms them. The lovers then kiss passionate and embrace lovingly as the scene comes to an end.

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